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If you have a question about your risk of STIs or other questions about STIs, you can speak to a member of our medical team. Homed-IQ offers online consultations to all customers, where you can speak with a doctor via video call about any questions you may have or the meaning of your test results.

If you have ordered an STI test on our site and have questions about the results, you will find a direct link for booking a consultation in your personal account. Through the booking link, you can schedule an online consultation at a time that suits you. Consultations for our customers are always free!

Additionally, you can always ask questions by e-mail ([email protected]) or through our contact form.

Have you not ordered a test from our website? Then you can request an online consultation via our contact form. Consults for non-customers have a cost and will be invoiced afterwards. You will receive more information when you submit a request.

What can be discussed during an online STI consultation?

You can ask all kinds of questions during an online consultation, including the following topics:

What cannot be discussed in an online STI consultation?

During an online consultation, our doctor cannot assess skin or other visible symptoms using video calling. You will need to discuss this with your own doctor. Homed-IQ’s medical doctor cannot make a diagnosis during an online consultation and no rights can be derived from the advice given.

Where can I request an online STI consultation?

Via the link in your personal account or via the contact form.

Who will speak to me during the STI consultation?

Imke Receveur is our BIG-registered medical doctor and is happy to answer all your STI-related questions. Her BIG registration number is 79911936101.

Imke is currently working as an acting general practitioner in West Brabant and as a medical specialist affiliated with Homed-IQ. Owing to her background in psychology, communication sciences, and medicine, Imke is both socially and medically skilled in listening to and educating others. With her experience in gynecology and as a general practitioner, Imke is knowledgeable about STIs and is glad to answer any questions you may have. Imke can give you more information about your test results, advise you on possible next steps, and explain potential treatments. All conversations with Imke are confidential and will not be shared with third parties.

Online STI Consultation Homed-IQ - Homed-IQ

Imke Receveur
BIG-Registration Number: 79911936101

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