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It is our mission to reshape the world of medical testing

The story behind Homed-IQ

Homed-IQ is an at-home medical testing company founded by college friends Geert Brinkers and Robert de Jonge. The company journey began in 2019 when Robert was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As a healthy father of four with no previous health concerns, this diagnosis completely changed Robert’s perspective on what modern, accessible health care should entail. From that moment on, he was dependent on insulin and needed to continuously monitor his blood glucose level, which required regular blood tests. These tests required Robert to drive to another city and dedicate several hours out of the day to completing a test that required only a small quantity of blood. This experience was eye-opening to how complex and inefficient the current medical testing system could be and motivated him to envision testing solutions that were simpler and more accessible to patients.

“We have designed Homed-IQ especially for people who want to have a better grip on their health”.

He partnered up with his entrepreneurial friend Geert and set out to change this process for all that would have to go through it in the future. Traditional testing methods have very limited flexibility in deciding what to test for when to test, and how to gain an understanding of the test results. Furthermore, existing testing processes were often time-consuming, expensive and, above all, not equally available to everyone. Geert and Robert are now engaging this head-on, prompting the formation and rapid growth of the company.

Homed-IQ wants every individual to benefit from accessible medical testing by making the testing process as convenient and simple as possible.

In a perfect world, medical laboratory tests would be accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any given time of day. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do- you deserve to be treated quickly and attentively. This is why the Homed-IQ team is pioneering a new type of high-quality testing service that is scientifically informed, understandable, faster, and more affordable for the user.

In Homed-IQ’s perfect world, medical laboratory testing should be accessible to everyone, anywhere at any time.

Now shipping within the Benelux, Homed-IQ has found tremendous success in the last year, including a tender, won for the UK NHS COVID-19 Antibody Testing Programme and a steady average NPS score of 98. With plans to expand into new markets and product areas in the near future, Homed-IQ is looking to grow its team with enthusiastic, like-minded people who also want to revolutionize the landscape of medical testing. Check out our LinkedIn page for our job openings!

Robert de Jonge

Founder & Managing Director

Geert Brinkers

Founder & Managing Director


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