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”It is our mission to reshape the world of medical lab testing”

The story behind Homed-IQ

The Homed-IQ adventure begins in 2019 when Robert is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. From that moment on, he is dependent on insulin and has to continuously monitor his glucose level. But it is also an eye-opener on how complex and inefficient the existing medical testing process works. It appears that there is very limited flexibility in deciding what to test for, when to test, and to gain an understanding of the test results. This while testing plays a crucial role in healthcare. The existing testing process is time-consuming, expensive and, above all, not all tests are available to everyone. The Homed-IQ products and service will change that! Homed-IQ was founded by Geert Brinkers and Robert de Jonge. Together they are working to make medical tests more accessible and better for everyone.

“We have designed Homed-IQ especially for people who want to have a better grip on their health”.

In our perfect world, medical laboratory tests must be accessible to everyone, anywhere, at any given time of the day. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do. You deserve it to be treated quickly and with optimal attention. That is why we are pioneering a new type of service that is faster and smarter, and we are fighting for a world where essential medical tests are accessible and affordable to everyone.

Robert de Jonge

Founder & Managing Director

Geert Brinkers

Founder & Managing Director

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