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“We have designed Homed-IQ specifically for people who want to have a better grip on their health

About us - Homed-IQ

About us

Homed-IQ is an at-home medical testing company founded by college friends Geert Brinkers and Robert de Jonge. The company journey began in 2019 when Robert was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. As a healthy father of four with no previous health concerns, this diagnosis completely changed Robert’s perspective on what modern, accessible health care should entail. From that moment on, he was dependent on insulin and needed to continuously monitor his blood glucose level, which required regular blood tests. These tests required Robert to drive to another city and dedicate several hours out of the day to completing a test that required only a small quantity of blood. This experience was eye-opening to how complex and inefficient the current medical testing system could be and motivated him to envision testing solutions that were simpler and more accessible to patients.

Robert partnered up with his entrepreneurial friend Geert and set out to change the process for all that would have to go through it in the future. Traditional testing methods had very limited flexibility in deciding what to test for, when to test, and how to gain an understanding of the test results. Furthermore, existing testing processes were often time-consuming, expensive and, above all, not equally available to everyone. Geert and Robert decided to tackle this challenge head-on, founding Homed-IQ and reshaping the world of medical testing.

About us - Homed-IQ

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About us - Homed-IQ

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About us - Homed-IQ

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About us - Homed-IQ

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Our mission

Homed-IQ is designed for people who want to have more control of their health. By offering a high level of customer service, a seamless testing process, and a diverse portfolio of high-quality tests, Homed-IQ aims to become the go-to medical testing service platform.

Our vision

We believe that good health is the foundation for a happy and successful life. That is why we are committed to making medical testing more accessible for all. We want everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their circumstances.


Meet our team...

About us - Homed-IQ

Robert de Jonge

Managing Director

Profile picture of Geert Brinkers, Founder and Operations Director of Homed-IQ, wearing a professional attire.

Geert Brinkers

Operations Director

About us - Homed-IQ

Maarten Swemmer

IT Manager

About us - Homed-IQ

Lauren Dobischok

Medical Product Manager

About us - Homed-IQ

Luka Žilinskaitė

Expansion Manager

About us - Homed-IQ

Michiel Elfring

Financial Director

About us - Homed-IQ

Beer Brinkers

Operations Manager​

What our customers say

Homed-IQ was a key partner for us in the Off Session Sampling pilot. With your finger prick blood spot test, we were able to successfully pre-screen donor candidates and identify those with high levels of antibodies so that we could make more efficient use of our donor centres. Our team were particularly impressed by your willingness to help, your speed of response, your ability to deliver an engaging donor journey and the joint cooperation we developed in building the technical solution.

About us - Homed-IQ

We are very happy with our partnership with Homed-IQ. After an intensive pilot phase, we decided to use Homed-IQ’s home diagnostics as a part of our service to companies. Through this collaboration, companies and their employees are able to improve their mental and physical well-being preventatively. We are very pleased with the services Homed-IQ offers, including rapid diagnostics, clear test results, and specialised customer service. 


About us - Homed-IQ

Fast delivery, top support, quick test results. The order processing was very easy and the customer support was fast, very friendly and very competent. The test material including the shipping box appears to be of high quality and the results were obtained very promptly after receipt in the laboratory (in Germany), i.e. on the same day. So far all I can say is: Thank you very much and keep it up!


About us - Homed-IQ


Homed-IQ only works with certified laboratories. With more than 5,000 employees, our laboratory partners guarantee gold-standard quality in analysis, diagnosis, and advice.

Homed-IQ’s large network of individual accredited laboratories across Europe ensure timely test results using the highest quality testing procedures, all brought to the comfort of your home.

ISO Certified Lab - 15189 17025
About us - Homed-IQ

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