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The Easiest Way to Track Your Health - Homed-IQ

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Sexual Health Quiz

Do you want to know if you have an STI? Knowing which STIs to test for can be overwhelming. Get guidance on what type of STI test to do using the STI test guide. This test guide is designed to effectively guide you in choosing the most suitable test for your situation.

Integrate digital diagnostics into your business

We have developed a comprehensive platform that enables our business partners to deliver diagnostic services directly to individuals in their homes, regardless of location. By simplifying the traditional testing process, we revolutionise the field of medical diagnostics, transforming it from a cumbersome task into a convenient and accessible option for everyone.

Reducing the obstacles of conventional diagnostics through home testing promotes:

  • Improved wellbeing in workplace settings
  • Higher participation rates in scientific research
  • Increased participation in screening and preventive care
  • A more interconnected network of healthcare providers
The Easiest Way to Track Your Health - Homed-IQ

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How does it work?

The Easiest Way to Track Your Health - Homed-IQ
Order your test
After you have placed the order, your test kit will be delivered within a few days in discreet packaging.
The Easiest Way to Track Your Health - Homed-IQ
Activate and take your sample

After creating an account and activating your test online, collect the test sample and return it to the lab using the prepaid shipping label. Homed-IQ tests can be placed in a regular mailbox.

The Easiest Way to Track Your Health - Homed-IQ
Receive your test result

A certified laboratory will analyze your test. When ready, your results will be published to your account, including a PDF laboratory report that can be brought to your GP for follow-up care.

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Frequently Asked Questions​​

Step 1: Order
Choose and order your test online. All of our home tests ship in 100% discreet packaging.

Step 2: Sample collection
Most of the Homed-IQ tests take less than five minutes of your time to complete. However, this will vary depending on what you’re testing for. Every package includes an instruction manual and the designated sample collection kit. Please follow the instructions closely.

Step 3: Results
As soon as you have returned your sample, a certified laboratory will perform the diagnostics. The test results can be shared with you once our in-house medical team reviewed your test outcomes. Once completed, you will receive an email notification that your results are ready. All Homed-IQ test results are lab-certified and can be shared with your General practitioner if desired.

Once your order is complete, your Homed-IQ test package will be shipped within two business days. As soon as you return your test sample to our partner laboratory, they will be able to process it typically within 3 business days (depending on the test you’ve ordered). Generally, the testing process will take approximately 5-7 business days.

Your test results will have the same level of accuracy as if tested through your physician or care provider.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to assist you. Send us an email at [email protected] with your question. Do you have a question about your order? Please also state your order number. You can also use the contact form on our website.

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