Homed-IQ home health tests now available at Etos

Amsterdam, March 12 2024 – Homed-IQ is excited to announce that their self-sampling tests are now available at Dutch drugstore chain Etos. Starting this week, six self-tests for STIs, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and cholesterol are now on the shelves at more than 500 Etos stores and online, with plans to add additional products in the future.

The self-test offering at Etos allows users to collect a sample at home before mailing it to a certified laboratory for analysis. Once the results are ready, you can view them in your personal online account, complete with a clear explanation and a PDF lab report that can be shared with your doctor if needed. By making health tests more widely available at drugstores, Homed-IQ aims to give people the tools to identify health risks at an early stage and proactively improve their health.

“Cholesterol and diabetes are true silent killers. They often occur without obvious symptoms and can cause enormous damage unnoticed,” Homed-IQ director Robert de Jonge says. “It is amazing how many people we have have been able to help with early diagnosis thanks to our home tests. A home test allowed them to enter the regular care pathway in a timely manner, preventing further complications or health problems.”

As the first of its kind at Etos, Homed-IQ’s laboratory self-tests provide users with the confidence that they are receiving reliable results, while offering the convenience of testing when and where they desire. This is particularly beneficial for STI testing, as shame or stigma can deter individuals from seeking testing services through clinics or their GP. Moreover, these tests are more reliable than rapid tests. The Netherlands has seen a substantial increase in cases of chlamydia and gonorrhoea in recent years, further underscoring the importance of accessible and discreet testing options.

By expanding into Etos drugstores, Homed-IQ hopes to normalize and improve access to self-testing for everyone, allowing people to be more informed and in control of their health. 

For more information, visit www.homediq.com or contact [email protected].

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