Investment for Homed-IQ to keep diagnostic tests affordable and accessible in Europe

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14 October, 2023

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Homed-IQ, a pioneer in home medical diagnostics and a leading platform for comprehensive laboratory testing services, has received an investment from Healthy.Capital and private investors. Led by a team of passionate entrepreneurs, Homed-IQ is active in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands. The company emphasizes delivery of an optimal customer experience thanks to a streamlined testing process and a range of high-quality self-administered health tests. Homed-IQ is laboratory independent and collaborates with several partners at home and abroad to offer an advanced home testing service.  

“We are delighted to welcome an investment of EUR 1 million, which will enable us to further realise our vision of accessible medical diagnostics,” said Robert de Jonge, CEO of Homed-IQ.

The European home medical testing market has developed into a dynamic and promising landscape in recent years. With the emergence of new testing methods and a growing demand for more accessible healthcare solutions, home medical diagnostic tests have gained a prominent role in Europe’s healthcare sector.

The benefits of home medical tests are numerous. They allow patients to monitor important health parameters ranging from blood markers to genetic information in a simple and reliable way. These tests enable individuals to take control of their own health and well-being, as well as aid in the early detection of potential diseases.

Europe has a diverse population with specific needs, and home medical tests are increasingly tailored to meet these demands. Tests range from general health checks to specialized diagnostics for chronic conditions. Moreover, they play an important role in increasing individuals’ awareness of their health, helping users make proactive health decisions.

“Homed-IQ plays a crucial role in transforming healthcare in Europe by combining innovation and accessibility. Through their advanced platform, they contribute to delivering sensible care, preventing unnecessary use of resources, alleviating staff shortages, and improving working processes in the health sector,” said Douwe Jippes, co-founder and managing partner of Healthy.Capital.

Given the growing importance of home testing in healthcare and the trend toward
self-testing for population screening programmes, Homed-IQ is strategically
positioned to scale, giving patients and consumers increased control and immediate
access to diagnostic insights. Homed-IQ’s ambitions include international expansion
and diversification of their product portfolio.

For more information, please contact Robert de Jonge ([email protected] – 0613639265) or Douwe Jippes ([email protected] – 0649755060)

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