Additional Blood collection tips

Below are some helpful tips if you are having trouble collecting blood.

Blood collection tips

Blood should be collected early in the morning, but not immediately after getting up, as it is better if the blood circulates through your body first.

It is important to drink plenty of water before collecting your blood.

Make sure your hands are warmed up before you start. We recommend that you take a warm shower beforehand to allow your blood to circulate even better through the body.

Before you prick your finger and collect your sample, let your hands hang by your sides so that blood can flow to your fingertips.

Pierce the tip of the finger with your finger (not directly in the middle, but to the right or left of the tip).

If you have hardened skin on your fingers (such as calluses), soak your finger in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin.

With the additionally supplied lancets you can try to prick fingers on both hands if desired. The ring and middle fingers are the best fingers to prick.

Wipe the first drop of blood away with the included alcohol-free disinfectant wipe.

Next, massage from your wrist towards the tip of your finger until a drop of blood forms.

Continue to massage from your elbow to the fingers as if you were pushing the blood to the fingers. It is important not to press too hard on your fingertips. This can sometimes cause the blood to clot.

Let it flow into the tube. If the drop does not fall quickly, you can lightly tap the drop against the inside of the tube, it should then fall into the tube.

The tube should preferably be filled to the top. We need as much blood as possible.

If you notice that the blood is coming out rather slowly, you can try holding your hands under warm running water for up to 5 minutes or against a cup of warm water for at least 2 minutes, as this may also help. Make sure your hands are dry before trying again.

Remember to wipe away the first drop of blood that appears on your finger with the alcohol-free disinfectant wipe provided after pricking it with the lancet.

Once you have filled the blood tube, remember to gently invert the tube at least 5-10 times.

If you find that one hand isn’t working for you, switch hands, as the other hand may have better blood flow.

If you do not succeed the first 2 times, we advise you to ask someone nearby to help you. For many people, it is easier if someone else pricks their finger with firm force.

If no one can help you, it is a good idea to secure the tube in something. Thus, the tube will be hold in place, which is easier to drop the blood into the tube.