Vitamine D thuis testen

Home Vitamin Tests: insight into your vitamin deficiencies

We all know they are important for good health. However, our bodies do not always have enough of them. Particularly during the winter months, a time in which our immune system function decreases and many people stay indoors more often, many people suffer from a shortage of certain vitamins. But what exactly are vitamins? Additionally, how do you know if you have a vitamin deficiency? In this article, you can learn more about vitamin deficiency and find how our laboratory-certified home vitamin tests can provide a solution.

What are vitamins and how do I get them?
Vitamins are substances that our body needs in small amounts to function properly and to stay healthy. You get most vitamins, in small amounts, through your food and drink.

How a vitamin deficiency can arise
In principle, your body cannot make vitamins itself, although there are a few exceptions. The best known, and perhaps most important, is vitamin D. When exposed to the sun, our body can produce vitamin D on its own. However, if an indvidual does not get much sun exposure, such as during the dark winter months, a deficiency of this essential vitamin can arise. Moreover, a healthy and varied diet unfortunately does not guarantee that you will get enough vitamins; sometimes you can’t get adequate vitamin intake with nutrition alone. Supplements and changes in lifestyle offer a solution. But to implement these changes, you have to know what your possible vitamin deficiencies are!

How do I know if I have a vitamin deficiency?
Many people are deficient in certain vitamins without noticing it. In the long run, this can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia and poor concentration. You can also get sick more easily when vitamin deficient: from a simple flu to an intestinal disorder. Homed-IQ’s medically certified home tests provide you with insight into your possible vitamin deficiencies. Robert de Jonge, co-founder of Homed-IQ: “Where testing for vitamins is on the rise in the US, this is even less common in our country. It is inevitable that this will soon change. Thanks to our reliable home tests, you can see exactly whether you have developed a deficiency in certain vitamins. This way you can make an informed choice when buying vitamins and supplements.”

Understanding a Vitamin Deficiency with Homed-IQ’s Home Vitamin Tests
Homed-IQ offers two different home vitamin tests: the Vitamin Deficiency Test and the Vitamin D test. With the Vitamin D test you can check your vitamin D level in a simple way. With enough vitamin D, both your body and mind will be happy. The Ultimate Vitamin Test measures the amount of vitamin B12, vitamin D and folic acid in your blood. These are all crucial vitamins that, when deficient, can lead to various symptoms: from fatigue and hair loss to intestinal disorders.

I have a vitamin deficiency, what should I do?
Based on the results of a home vitamin test, you can know which vitamin(s) your body needs more of. You can then buy supplements or make diet and lifestyle changes to address your vitamin deficiency. By addressing vitamin deficiencies, you boost your immune system. A better immune system means less illnesses and time spent sick. In turn, a stronger immune system could contribute to less time and money spent on healthcare, as well as feeling better overall. A win-win situation that starts with testing vitamin levels.