Why do a Preventive Medical Examination?

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Anna Roell
12 October, 2023

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High absenteeism is a challenging issue that can negatively affect employees and the company as a whole. It not only can cost companies more money, but it can also introduce stress and disruptions in workflow. A Preventive Medical Examination (Preventief Medisch Onderzoek or PMO in Dutch) is a valuable tool that can help prevent absenteeism before it occurs. But why is a PMO so important?

The power of prevention

A PMO is a health check that examines the general health of employees in a workplace. This goes beyond health hazards in the immediate work environment and looks at the individual’s overall health. Using a PMO health risks can be identified early and preventive measures can be taken. The advantage of PMOs is that potential health problems can be addressed quickly, preventing burnout or chronic illness in the long term.

The benefits of investing in a PMO

Investing in a PMO has several benefits for both a company and its employees. The four main benefits are explained below.

1. Early identification of health risks

A PMO can help identify potential health risks in employees early. This enables companies to take proactive measures to improve employee health before more serious or long-term health problems occur.

2. Prevention of absenteeism and employee turnover

By addressing health risks early, a company can reduce absenteeism and employee turnover. This results in a more stable working environment and lower costs in the long run.

3. Promotion of health and productivity

A healthy employee is generally a more productive employee. By taking steps to promote employee health, a company can have a positive impact on its staff’s productivity and well-being.

4. Meet legal obligations for employee health

In the Netherlands, Section 18 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act states that companies are obliged to periodically offer employees the opportunity to undergo a PMO (Overheid, 2023). By complying with this obligation, a company can avoid legal issues and meet care obligations to their employees.

A PMO is not only an investment in the health of employees, but also in the health of the company itself. It helps create a healthier working environment and prevent long-term costs due to absenteeism.

Healthy employees, healthy organisations

As an employer, offering a PMO not only helps your organisation comply with legal obligations, but also contributes to the health and vitality of your team. As health is closely related to productivity, prioritising the wellbeing of your workforce is ultimately the key to a successful organisation. Homed-IQ’s Preventive Health Screening can help support companies in conducting a PMO. This home health test measures key biomarkers that can cause undiagnosed symptoms or indicate other medical conditions. Want to know more about how Homed-IQ health tests can help your company? Feel free to contact our team for further advice and information.

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