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Hormones have many important functions in our bodies. Correct hormone levels are crucial for maintaining good health and are often overlooked. Homed-IQ offers reliable hormone tests that allow you to test your hormone levels from home and detect potential imbalances sooner. With Homed-IQ it is possible to check a variety of hormones, including testosterone, thyroid hormones, estrogen, and anti-müllerian hormone.

Discover a variety of hormone tests for both women and men, such as the Testosterone Test, Thyroid Test, and Athlete Test. Homed-IQ also offers fertility hormone testing for women, including the Ovarian Reserve Test and Female Fertility Test.

Causes and symptoms of hormone imbalances

Hormone imbalances can occur due to a variety of factors and have a wide range of effects on health. Chronic stress, certain medications, autoimmune conditions, and age-related changes such as menopause are some of the possible causes of hormone imbalances. Symptoms can range from mental to physical ailments, including fatigue, low mood, sleep disturbances, mood swings, hair loss, infertility, and weight gain.

Buy hormone tests online: Check hormone levels and test for hormone imbalances

The most reliable way to check for hormonal imbalances and get to the root of your symptoms is through a blood test. Homed-IQ offers a variety of hormone tests that can be performed from home. With these tests, you can measure your hormone levels and get valuable information about your health. The results of the test can be used to get further treatment with your doctor or to make lifestyle changes. 

How does the Homed-IQ hormone test work?

Homed-IQ’s hormone tests are easy and convenient to perform from the comfort of your own home. Collect a blood sample via a finger prick using the materials included in your Homed-IQ test kit. Next, package and ship your sample to one of our certified laboratories for analysis. After your sample has been analysed, you will receive a detailed results report in your online account. If needed, the test laboratory report can be downloaded and brought to your doctor for follow-up.

Measures to optimize hormone levels

Depending on the results of your hormone test, measures can be taken to treat abnormal hormone levels. This may include changing your lifestyle, taking medication, or treating other medical conditions that are causing the hormone imbalance. Homed-IQ hormone tests allow users to get clarity about their hormone levels and get prompt treatment if needed. 

Test your hormone levels easily and reliably

Balanced hormones are crucial for good health and wellbeing. Many symptoms of hormone imbalances such as fatigue and low mood are attributed to other causes, such as a stressful work week, bad weather, or vitamin deficiencies. However, these symptoms may be related to your hormones and require further investigation. Homed-IQ’s hormone tests give you the opportunity to test your hormone levels and gain valuable insight into your health when and where you want.