It is Homed-IQ’s priority to provide reliable remote diagnostics so that you can be sure of your test result, equal in quality to tests carried out in a clinic or GP’s office. All Homed-IQ tests are processed in ISO 15189-certified laboratories and stored in a secure online results system that protects your privacy. Read on to learn more about the reliability of Homed-IQ’s testing procedures. 



Our tests are also known as in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). IVDs are tests that are performed on samples taken from the human body (such as blood or urine) and are examined outside the body. All our products are compliant with the requirements of the in vitro diagnostic medical devices regulations (IVDR) and are CE certified, ensuring that our tests are safe to use and meet the requirements of medical devices in the European Union. 

It is our priority to offer home health tests equal in accuracy and quality to tests performed in a doctor’s office or clinic. All Homed-IQ tests have been scientifically validated for home use and are highly sensitive and specific. 

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Hepatitis B



COVID-19 Antibody Test



Sensitivity and specificity of STI and SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Tests


Packaging and Delivery

All Homed-IQ tests are packaged in discreet boxes that can fit through a mail slot. The return envelope is made from durable plastic and meets packaging regulations for biological materials. All return samples are enclosed in additional protective packaging to ensure leaks do not occur. The test return box is approved by PostNL and Deutsche Post for medical mail (P650).



Homed-IQ tests are always processed in certified laboratories. All test analysis is performed by Labor Stein in Mönchengladbach. This laboratory is  ISO-15189 accredited and also performs analyses for hospitals, GPs, and governmental organizations. Test results are always reviewed by a senior scientist who has medical responsibility for test results. The interpretation of test results is reviewed by our team of medical doctors who can be contacted if further explanation or guidance is needed.


Declaration of conformity

A declaration of conformity is a declaration by a manufacturer that their product(s) conforms to all relevant safety regulations and specifies who is responsible for this conformity. This conformity is what a CE marking is based on. 

Click here to read Homed-IQ’s declaration of conformity.


IT, Privacy and Data Protection

Homed-IQ ensures the privacy of users by using a code system for connecting users to their tests. This means tests do not need to have customer names or data on them during the mailing and analysis process, only a numerical identification code. Customer names and birthdates are only published on the laboratory report with the test results to ensure users can have their test recognized by their healthcare provider. Users must activate their test’s unique code online, linking their test to their online account. Homed-IQ tests cannot be processed without activation, which links the test to the user.

The Homed-IQ website, test activation, and test results system are secured through HTTPS/SSL. Customer data regarding STI tests are automatically removed from the users’ accounts after 30 days. Homed-IQ only requests data that is relevant to the processing of test results. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

  • Dedicated servers with 24/7 monitoring
  • Using scalable, high availability, serverless services
  • Connections between labs and Homed-IQ are secured and encrypted

Do you have any questions about the reliability of our tests, data processing, or laboratory? Please contact us.