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Homed-IQ offers a preventive health check that provides insight into the status of employees’ health, with the goal of optimising staff health and productivity. Using health tests that can be completed at home or in the office, employees can easily check for key biomarkers related to chronic disease, such as blood sugar, cholesterol, or vitamin levels. The results of the test can allow individuals to make lifestyle changes or seek medical care should the need arise.

Preventive health testing not only gives employees insight into their health, but also allows employers to detect potential health issues within their organisation and invest in initiatives to improve the health of the overall workforce. By providing employees with access to at-home testing, employers can promote a culture of health and wellness, and help ensure that their team stays healthy and productive.

A health testing solution that is easy for employees to use

  1. Analysis of each sample takes place in a certified laboratory.
  2. Blood collection can easily be done from home using a finger prick.
  3. Test results are privately and securely shared directly with the user in their online account
  4. Easy to understand test results that include advice to improve lifestyle as needed

Gain an understanding of your company’s health status

While employees that perform a preventive health test with Homed-IQ receive private, personalised results directly in their Homed-IQ account, employers are also able to request a summary company health report. This report contains no personal or individual test result data, but average values that can provide an indication of the overall health of the company. This option is possible in testing initiatives with more than 25 participants. Employers can use company health reports to:

  • Implement targeted interventions in the workplace
  • Offers employees the choice to have their health monitored regularly with follow-up testing.
  • Evaluate of the effectiveness of health interventions
  • Empower employees to make positive health changes

What are companies testing most frequently for?

  • Vitamins and minerals (vitamin D, vitamin B12, folic acid, iron)
  • Blood sugar 
  • Cholesterol
  • Inflammation (hs-CRP)

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