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Home stool tests from Homed-IQ – discreet and simple

Your health is reflected in many ways in your stool. Stool tests enable the detection of intestinal bacteria, inflammatory markers and pathogens. At Homed-IQ we offer you stool tests for home use, which allow a convenient and discreet collection of the stool sample. The subsequent evaluation takes place in one of our specialized medical laboratories. Stool tests, such as the fecal immunological test (FIT), are, among other things, a particularly important examination for preventing bowel or colorectal cancer. For more on bowel cancer, see our blog ‘What is bowel cancer?

Screen for bowel cancer using a home stool test

Your stool can contain a lot of insight into your overall health. Stool testing can be used to screen for bowel cancer by checking for small amounts of blood in the stool that are not visible to the human eye. This can be an early sign of bowel cancer that signals follow-up testing is needed. Homed-IQ’s Bowel Cancer Screening Test allows you to check for hidden blood in the stool from home. You can find out when bowel movements are considered healthy in our blog ‘When is a bowel movement considered healthy?’ 

Learn about your gut health and microbiome with stool testing

Your microbiome is a complex system of bacteria, fungi, and viruses that live in your gut. The microbiome helps to control digestion, protect against harmful bacteria, and even regulate the immune system. The type and number of microbes  and their diversity can have a major impact on your health and well-being. A disturbed balance of intestinal flora can manifest itself in different ways. including causing unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, fatigue and headaches. A stool test can help identify the source of potential symptoms and guide potential treatments. In our blog ‘What can be detected in a stool sample?‘ you can learn more about what can be detected in a stool sample.

Stool tests from Homed-IQ

Homed-IQ’s stool tests are easy to perform from home and come with clear, illustrated instructions. The test kit comes with all the materials needed to hygienically collect a test sample from home, saving you time and allowing you to perform the test anonymously.

Use the prepaid shipping label to mail the sample to one of our certified partner laboratories for analysis. In a few days you will receive your test results in your online account, complete with practical recommendations for your health and a printable laboratory report. 

Stool sample collection instructions

To collect a stool sample from home follow these simple steps:

  1. Prepare the following materials from Homed-IQ’s stool test kit: Paper Sheet, Collection Tube, and Shipping Bag.
  2. Place the paper sheet in the toilet to hygienically collect the sample.
  3. Remove the cap of the sample tube and use the test stick to scrape the stool until all grooves of the stick are covered.
  4. Close the sample tube tightly and label it with the date of stool sample collection.
  5. Pack the test tube in the shipping box and mail it to one of Homed-IQ’s certified laboratories according to the instructions in the test kit. Within a few days you will receive your test result in your personal Homed-IQ account.

Choose Homed-IQ stool tests to gain comprehensive insight into your gut health. Our tests are easy to perform, discreet, and provide valuable information to support your wellbeing.