Dry Blood Spot Collection Instructions

The blood collection set is a sample collection and shipment set for dried capillary blood samples for use in suitable in-vitro diagnostic tests. The procedure can be carried out in a home environment. Read instructions for use carefully. Blood collection has to be performed according to IFU only.

The accompanying video is not a substitute for reading the instructions.

Frequently asked questions:

  • It is very important to drink plenty of water before collecting your blood sample.
  • Make sure your hands are warm before you start. We also recommend that you take a warm shower beforehand to allow your blood to circulate through the body even better.
  • Before you prick and collect your sample, it is best to hang your hands at your sides so that the blood can flow to your fingertips.
  • Prick the left or right side of the tip of your finger (not in the middle, but to the right or left of the tip).
  • If you have hard skin on your fingers (such as calluses), soak your prick finger in warm water for a few minutes to soften the skin.
  • If desired, you can try fingers on both hands with the extra finger prick supplied. The ring and middle fingers are the best fingers to pierce.
  • Wipe off the first drop of blood with the supplied non-alcoholic disinfectant wipe.
  • Then massage from your wrist to the tip of your finger, a drop will form.
  • Continue to massage from your elbow to the fingers as if you were pushing the blood to the fingers. It is important not to press too hard on your fingertips. This can sometimes cause the blood to clot.
  • Let it flow onto the blood collection card. Do not touch the card with your finger. If the drop does not fall quickly, you can tap the drop lightly to the blood collection card.
  • If you notice that the blood is coming out quite slowly, you can try holding your hands under warm running water for up to 5 minutes or against a cup of warm water for at least 2 minutes as this can also help. Make sure your hands are dry before trying again. Do not forget to wipe the first drop of blood that appears on your finger with the supplied non-alcoholic disinfectant wipe after using the lancet.
  • If you find that one hand is not working for you, switch hands as the other hand may have better blood flow.
  • We advise that if you fail the first time to ask someone nearby to help if possible. For many people, it is more desirable if someone else presses the finger prick (hard) against your finger.

Place the lancet off the center of your fingertip and puncture the side of the tip. For best results, do not puncture your fingertip directly in the center.

Make sure you are well hydrated: drink a large glass of water before following the additional recommendations.

You can use the second lancet on a different finger. Hold the respective hand under running warm water for a longer amount of time to increase blood flow and follow the steps outlined in the IFU. Make sure to press your disinfected finger on a firm surface, for example, a table. Only in this way, the proper puncture depth of the lancet can be ensured. After the puncture, don’t forget to massage your hand several times from your wrist in the direction of the puncture site, so that large blood drops can form.

The 5 circles should be filled as completely as possible within the markings (at least 2 thirds). Blood Collection 1 Check the back of the card. Your blood needs to saturate the paper and the blood drops should fill the same area on the back. Do not add blood drops to the back of the card! Blood Collection 1

The sample requires a very small amount of blood, just enough to fill the 5 circles. We need as much blood as possible, so please follow the sample collection instructions as closely as possible. We included a list of recommendations regarding at the end of this section

If you have managed to fill the 5 circles close to two-thirds, we would advise sending the sample back to the lab for testing. If there is not enough blood to test, customer support will reach out to you, to organize a replacement test.

If you have used all of your lancets and have not managed to fill the 5 circles according to the instructions, please contact our customer care team at [email protected].

We would advise sending the sample back to the lab for testing. If there is not enough blood to test, our customer support team will reach out to you, to organize a replacement test.

Yes, it is important to closely follow the instructions in the step-by-step instructions manual and to let the blood sample dry before you send it back to us.

Finger-prick samples have been proven to be as accurate as venous samples, provided that the samples have been collected correctly. There are certain tests where a full venous sample collection is required and where a finger prick sample would not give an accurate and true result. We only offer a finger prick option for tests if we are confident it will provide an adequate sample and an accurate result.

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