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If you are experiencing symptoms or haven’t been tested in a while, a sexually transmitted infection (STI) test is always a smart decision. Depending on what STI you would like to test for, the time between when you are infected and when the test results are accurate varies. This is known as the window period. You can check for STIs using an STI test, either at a clinic, doctor’s office, or from home using a self-test If you need help deciding what STI test is right for you, try the test guide.

With Homed-IQ, you can get tested for the following STIs:

What are the symptoms of STIs in men?

STIs can cause a variety of symptoms in men depending on the cause of the infection. These symptoms can include:

  • Burning or itching in the penis or anus
  • Discharge from the penis
  • Sores, bumps or blisters on penis, anus, or mouth
  • Burning and pain with urine or with bowel movements
  • Having to go to the bathroom often
  • Pain in the pelvic area

Note: STIs do not always cause noticeable symptoms. If you may have been exposed to an STI but do not have symptoms, it is recommended to get tested after the window period to rule out an infection.

Types of STI tests for men

Most STI tests for men involve a urine and/or a blood test. Urine tests can check for common bacterial infections of the penis such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and trichomoniasis. If you suspect you have an infection in other areas, such as the throat or anus, then a swab will be taken instead of a urine sample. A blood test checks for STIs that affect the blood, such as HIV, hepatitis B, herpes (HSV 1 & 2), and syphilis.

Wanting a complete check-up or to test for a specific infection? Homed-IQ offers several different STI test panels to fit your needs. The most comprehensive test on offer is the STI Test Comprehensive, which checks for 8 STIs and requires a urine/swab and blood sample. The STI Test Complete checks for five STIs, including HIV, syphilis, and chlamydia. If you are interested in checking for the most common STIs, the Basic-3 STI Test checks for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and trichomoniasis and does not require a blood test.

STI Test: Urine or Swab Sample

Most STI tests for men are done via a urine test. However, if you would like to test for infections affecting the throat or anus, perform a swab sample instead. At Homed-IQ, the STI test process starts with ordering a test. Once you receive it, be sure to activate your test online using its unique 12-digit test code. Next, collect your sample, repackage the test, and mail it to our certified laboratory using the prepaid postage. Finally, view the test results in your online account, which will be available within a few days. Would you like to test specifically for the most common STIs or have you been informed that a partner has tested positive? Order Homed-IQ’s Chlamydia Home Test or Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea Test.

STI Test: Blood Sample

In addition to urine and swab tests, blood tests can detect certain STIs, such as HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B. Homed-IQ tests only require a finger prick to collect the blood sample, rather than a venous puncture often used at clinics and doctor’s offices. In addition to combination STI tests that require a blood sample, Homed-IQ also offers a specific Hepatitis B and HIV Test.

About Homed-IQ’s STI Tests

Homed-IQ’s STI tests contain everything you need to take a sample from home, including an instruction manual, materials to take a sample from the penis, throat, or anus and/or a blood sample, and a shipping label. After taking the sample, you can send in your test and for analysis in a certified laboratory. Within a few days you will receive the results in your online account.