For Retailers


Are you interested in expanding the product portfolio of your webshop or offering home health testing products as a part of your business? Let Homed-IQ be your next partner. From white label services to tailor-made products, shipping methods, and branding, Homed-IQ’s testing services are easily customisable to fit the needs of your business and clients. 

You remain in control, while we handle:

  • Laboratory analysis
  • Test logistics from customer to laboratory
  • Software integration
  • Results provision
  • Customer service (24/7)

Take advantage of Homed-IQ’s test system and customer service under your own brand:

  • Branded packaging, online test activation, and results sharing portals
  • Creation of custom tests that check the biomarkers you want
  • Personalised intake questionnaires and email communication with customers

Our partners:

  • OpenUp
  • Mayd
  • UMC Maastricht
  • NHS

Interested in adding health testing to your business? We are happy to hear from you. Contact us to learn more.