How much does an STI test cost?

The cost of an STI test

The cost of an STI test depends on where you do the test. In the Netherlands, young people can be tested free of charge at the GGD until the age of 25. People that fall into certain risk groups can also be tested free of charge. If you are older than 25 and you do not fall into a risk group, you can be tested at your GP, or using a home test. Complete the STI Test Guide to find out which test is right for you.

What does an STI test at the GP cost?

Do you have symptoms? Then you should always go to the doctor or a sexual health clinic (GGD) for STI testing. During the free consultation, the doctor discusses your risk and advises what should be tested. If the GP is able to diagnose an STI from an examination alone, this often has no cost. If an STI test is needed, you will receive a request form for taking the test at a lab location, or you may be able to take the sample in the doctor’s office. In the Netherlands, you must pay the laboratory costs of the analysis yourself which are deducted from your insurance deductible (eigen risico). In the Netherlands, a chlamydia test costs approximately 40 euros. Would you like to test for multiple STIs? The cost can reach a few hundred euros. Always ask your GP about the potential costs of an STI test to prevent an unexpected bill afterwards.

When do you pay for an STI test yourself at the GP?

Do you need an STI test? That can cost money.

  1. Have you not used up the deductible of your health insurance yet? Then the costs of the STI test will be deducted from that. You then pay the costs of the test yourself.
  2. Have you already paid the deductible of your health insurance? Then your health insurer will pay the costs of the STI test.

Are you unsure if your deductible has been used up? Contact your health insurer.

How much does a home STI test cost?

Homed-IQ’s home tests are competitively priced and can be cheaper than testing for STIs through your GP. Homed-IQ tests can be purchased beginning at 45 euros and up to 149 euros for an extensive STI panel.

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