How to take an STI test

During an STI test, bodily material (blood, urine, or a swab) is collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. With an at-home test, you collect the test material yourself.

Types of STI Tests

There are different types of tests you can take to check for various STIs. The method by which you take an STI test and the area you take a sample from depends on your past sexual contact and individual risk. An STI Test Guide can help you learn more about the types of tests suitable for you based on your risk profile. These guides tell you which types of swab test you may want to take, such as a vaginal, anal, or throat swab. Alternatively, you may be advised to do a urine or blood test. The type of test recommended is based on where the sexual contact took place.

Swab and Urine Testing

Swab and urine tests are used to check for bacterial STIs (chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and trichomoniasis). Herpes is now also tested with a swab at Homed-IQ. Men are tested using urine tests and women are tested with a vaginal swab. If you would like to test the throat or anal area for infection, anal and throat swabs can also be taken. Taking a swab is easy- simply brush a cotton swab briefly in the mouth, throat, anus, or vagina.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are needed to check for STIs like syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis B. Homed-IQ blood tests can be taken from home and only require a small amount of blood obtained through a finger prick. Using the included test materials, users prick their fingers and fill the micro container with blood. After repackaging the test sample, it is mailed back to our certified lab that analyzes it for STIs. Taking a finger prick test is simple. For a step-by-step explanation, read the instruction manual or watch the instruction video on this page.

Physical Exam

If you are experiencing bumps, blisters, warts, or other skin symptoms, you should contact your GP or a sexual health clinic. They will perform a physical examination, make a diagnosis, and help create a treatment plan. Homed-IQ does not offer physical examinations for customers (including via online consulations).

How do I take an STI test?

On Homed-IQ’s YouTube channel, you will find instructional videos on how to collect the different types of test samples. There are different STI sample methods for men and women.

Below is the instructional video for taking a urine test.

YouTube video

Below is the instructional video for taking a vaginal swab.

YouTube video

Below is the instructional video for taking a throat swab.

YouTube video

Below is the instructional video for taking an anal swab.

YouTube video

Below is the instructional video for taking a finger prick blood sample.

YouTube video

Analysis in our Laboratory

Homed-IQ cooperates with ISO-certified laboratories that offer extensive laboratory testing services for hospitals, clinics, and universities. All Homed-IQ tests are sent to a partner laboratory and are analyzed according to strict guidelines. Following the test instructions and taking into account the window period for each STI is essential to receive a reliable result.

All HOMED-IQ content is reviewed by medical specialists